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There are many excellent things to learn in this world. Promise Academy uses a STREAM approach to stay focused on what is most important! We use Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Math to explore the world around us, solve problems, and grow in our faith. Our curriculum is aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards (incorporating Common Core), and Illinois Priority Learning Standards. We monitor progress using the Illinois State Certified program iXL. 

However, that is simply the starting point. Your student will receive so much more! Weekly science experiments, history projects, memorizing great literature, and reading at least 20 books every six weeks. Our enrichment weeks will teach students about health, nutrition, robotics, various occupations, job skills, sports, and service to the community.

This is not just a great opportunity. This is the education your son deserves!


God First

Our highest priority is declaring God's love to our students....

  • in word (through teaching God's truth) and

  • in deed (through loving them with kindness, mercy, and grace).

Academic Excellence

Our desire is to see every student excel. We do not limit them to learning what's on the test. Instead, we encourage brilliant minds of the past and present. 

  • History

  •  Science  

  • Math

  • Reading 

  • Writing

  • Language

  • Art 

Students learn that they can contribute to this world and change it for the better.  

Emotional Intelligence

Academic strength will only be a benefit, if our students understand how to

  • work well with others 

  • show kindness

  • respond to criticism

  •  speak respectfully.

These are not only the traits that employers find useful, but also the skills that make us capable of maintaining strong relationships.

Loving Neighbors

Our students need to learn that life is not about them. It is important that they learn to love their neighbors in real, tangible ways...

  • weeding the community garden

  • shoveling snow

  • handing out food donations. 

Students have something to contribute and a world that needs them. 

More Details Soon

Still undecided? Check out these benefits you won't find at any other school in Peoria!



Comprehensive experience, addressing education, social, emotional, mental and spiritual needs

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